Fried rice Mix - original

Hapima- Fried Rice Mix- Original

Hapima- Fried Rice Mix- Original consists of the best blend of spices, garlic, black pepper, salt, sugar and flavor enhancer that gives a well-balanced delicious taste of restaurant style fried rice.

How to Prepare:

Stir fry vegetables in a pan until cooked, add 400g of bolied rice and stir for 45 seconds and add the entire pack, mix well for 45 seconds and serve hot.


This is the Original- Fried Rice Mix sachet. You can enjoy the rich, original flavor of fried rice at your home anytime in an easy and convenient way. Not only adults, even the kids will fall in love with the delicious original taste of restaurant style fried rice.


One sachet (19g) is for 400g of bolied rice. When your loved ones crave for some delicious fried rice, you no longer need to head to the nearest restaurant. With Hapima Fried Rice Mix, you can quickly whip up your own lip-smacking fried rice or noodles that will mesmerize your family. You can use Hapima Fried Rice Mix- Original flavor and transform your dish from ordinary to extraordinary!

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