Hapima - Crispy Fry Mix

Hapima - Crispy Fry Mix

Hapima Crispy Fry Mix is a complete breading mix that guarantees the crispiness, crunchiness and juiciness of fried chicken. It has the perfect blend of flour, starch, seasonings and spices, so there’s no need to marinate. This can be enjoyed with fried veggies and seafood also.

How to Prepare-

Coat the washed 250gm of chicken pieces with this powder mix, then dip the chicken pieces into the batter until evenly wet. For preparing the batter– dissolve 3 table spoons of this powder in 50ml of water, roll the chicken back into the dry mix powder to form a coating and deep-fry it in hot oil until golden brown. Finally serve hot!

In a world where everyone demands new and unique snacks, Hapima Crispy Fry Mix is your ideal cooking partner. Made from carefully selected spices produced in India and unique ingredients crafted by the Ajinomoto group; this high quality mix helps you create delicious and crispy dishes. So be it crunchy fried chicken, some crispy paneer or cauliflower, Hapima Crispy Fry Mix lets you create snacks that will capture the imagination of your loved ones.


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