No of portion: 4

Approximate Duration: 15mins

Cuisine: South Indian

Boiled Potato 2no
Finely chopped onion 1no
Finely chopped Beans ¼ cup
Grated Carrot ¼ cup
Ginger garlic paste 2tsp
Turmeric powder ¼ tsp
Chili powder ½ tsp
Garam Masala powder ½ tsp
Cumin powder ¼ tsp
Salt To taste
Ajinomoto ½ tsp
Bread crumbs ½ cup
Bread crumbs 3tbsp
Water For batter
Oil For frying

cooking procedure

Step 1: Peel the boiled potato and mash it and keep it aside.

Step 2: Make fine batter using with refined flour, salt and water then keep it aside.

Step 3: Heat oil and in a pan add chopped onion sauté for a minute then add ginger garlic paste sauté till that raw fragrant gone out.

Step 4: Add all chopped vegetables and sauté till vegetable get tender then add all spice powder ,salt and Ajinomoto mix well and then let it cool.

Step 5: Then add mashed potato into the vegetable mixer and mix well and make patties.

Step 6: Dip the patties into the batter and roll in bread crumbs coat well in both sides.

Step 7: Heat oil in a pan place the patties gently fry it until golden brown on slow flame.

Step 8: Serve hot with ketchup. Note Also try shallow frying.

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