Keerai vadai

No of portion: 4

Approximate Duration: 12 mins

Cuisine: South Indian

Bengal gram / kadalai paruppu 1½ cup
Toor dhal ¼ cup
Keerai 2 ½ cup
Saunf 1tbsp
Green chilly 3no
Chopped ginger garlic 2 tsp
Chopped onion 2 nos
Asafoedita Pinch
Salt To taste
Ajinomoto 1tsp

cooking procedure

Step 1: Wash and finely chop the Keerai.

Step 2: Wash and soak Chana dhal and Toor dhal for 1½ an hour in water.

Step 3: Drain the water completely.

Step 4: Add the soaked dhal to the blender, add Asafoedita, Saunf, and grind it to coarsely, not fine batter.

Step 5: Add finely sliced onions, finely chopped Keerai, salt, Ajinomoto, green chili and ginger garlic then Mix well.

Step 6: Heat oil in a fry pan.

Step 7: Take a small ball of the mixture.

Step 8: Slightly flatten in the palm of your hand and then drop gently in the hot oil.

Step 9: Fry the vadai in batches. (Can fry 4 or 5 as per the pan size without crowding the oil)

Step 10: Reduce the flame to medium low heat after 2 mins. Deep fry on both sides to crisp, golden brown color. Crispy, crunchy Keerai Vadai is ready..!

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