Hapima® – Crispy Fry Breading Mix

Hapima® - Crispy Fry Mix Product Description

Hapima® Crispy Fry Mix- is an all in one fry mix seasoning with good combination of selected spices and ingredients.
You can cook crispy and delicious fried chicken and vegetable just by 3 easy steps (Dusting, coating, Dusting and frying)


  • Hapima® – Crispy Fry Mix—500g
  • Hapima® – Crispy Fry Mix—1kg

Crispy Fry Mix Vs. Other Breading Mix

Hapima Crispy Fry Mix:

  • Hapima®-is a complete all in one breading mix. No need to add any additional ingredients
  • Super easy preparation.
  • Less cooking duration.
  • Economical preparation.
  • It gives you the same taste every time.

Ordinary Breading Mix:

  • Not complete seasoning.
  • Need to add wheat flour & spice mix additionally.
  • Preparation process is difficult.
  • Need to do marination.
  • Time consuming preparation.
  • Cost of preparation is high.