Hapima® – Seasoning Mix

Hapima® - Seasoning Mix Product Description

Hapima® -Seasoning Mix is an all in one seasoning mix with a good combination of selected spices and ingredients. You can cook delicious Oriental Fried rice/Noodles at your restaurant quickly and easily.


  • Hapima® – Seasoning mix —Original-250g

Product Benefits

Wide Variety of Menu

  • You can enjoy many varieties of fried rice and noodles.
  • Try both veg and non-veg dishes with the seasoning mix!

Consistent, Delicious Taste:

  • Can cook various delicious food with combination of the ¬flavour enhancer which will give your taste buds a unique delicious taste!
  • Anyone can cook delicious fried rice and noodles anytime and anywhere, with consistent taste every time

Complete Seasoning:

  • Balanced combination of selected spices & ingredients
  • No need to add any additional ingredients (not even salt)


  • Super easy preparation time saving