Separate 20 gm of powder from the 72 gm of Crispy Fry Mix pack for Dry Coat.

Make a breading mix with the remaining 52 gm of Crispy fried mix and 50 gm Bread crumbs and mix well.


Marination :

  • Dry Coat and marinate the cleaned Fish Cubes with 20 gm of Hapima® Crispy fried Mix for 30 minutes.

Breading :

  • Dip the coated pieces into beaten egg white and drain the pieces, then Roll and coat nicely with the breading mixture.
  • Fry the pieces in hot oil till golden brown, then serve with hot sauce or ketchup.
Ingredients Quantity
Hapima® Crispy fried Mix 72g
For marinating
Fish cubes 250g
Hapima® Crispy fried Mix 20g
Italian Seasoning ¼ tsp
For breading Mix
Hapima® Crispy fried Mix 52 gm
Bread Crumbs 50 gm
Italian seasoning ¼ tsp
Beaten Egg White 2 no
Oil For Deep Fry